Sunday, 7 June 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Review!

Hi Guys,

Foundation is an obsession for me. I love trying lots of different finishes and level of coverage and seeing the different affects they create. I currently own 16 and (this includes BB creams) and have tried a huge number more that I have either used up or given away.

This was one that I bought last June when I went on my two month spending ban but did not open it until this year. This is in Vanilla and is very yellow. Due to the warm under tone I decided that it was too dark for me and then decided to put it to one side. A few days ago I saw a video on Dramatic MAC's Youtube channel (search for her she is amazing) and she was saying that this is her favourite foundation of all time and how she often buys multiple bottles at once.

As a result of this I decided to have another go. Now I was scared when I first put it on as it was so yellow but after a couple of minutes it settles down. As it oxidises a little the great majority of the yellow goes so by the time I have added blush and powder this is just a really brightening product and I love how it looks.

I would say this is medium coverage as my paler smaller freckles cannot be seen through it but my larger darker ones can. I just love how it looks. The biggest shock came one Friday morning when I put it on and 6am and I looked in the mirror at 10.30pm and it was still there and looked half decent after more than 16 hours it is really is infallible.

I am so glad that Dramatic Mac made the video otherwise I would probably never have used it again and now aside from No7' s Essentially Natural this is my favourite foundation of the moment.

This can bought  for £8.00 -£10.00 from most places that sell L'Oreal!

Have you tried this foundation?

Helen xx

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