Sunday, 21 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette

I've included a couple of my looks using it at the end of the post.

Hi Guys,

So I am going to be honest.For the longest time I was very reluctant to buy anything from this brand. I knew that a lot of people have been gifted items from the range and I was concerned that some of the reviews may be slightly biased. I had tried a palette by them last year that was good for bargain makeup in general but not good enough to make me forget about my Inglot Palettes, I have it away to my friend's girlfriend in the end and she quite likes it.

After seeing so many good reviews of this palette from bloggers I trusted I decided to pick it up and I love it. There is only a couple of mattes in here but they are really good and the shimmers are out of this world.

There are 32 shades in here four of which are matte and 28 shimmers. This palette is quite focused on colour so those who are very neutral, this would not be for you.

All of these shadows are very blendable and there is no fall out, even though they are so shimmer heavy in some cases. All shadows are very pigmented.

I really love the choices in here, there is a red, an orange, and a couple of bright purples and some really pretty greens. I have told you guys previously that I do not like to wear the same makeup all the time and I love that this palette gives me options.

There is a slight smell to these shadows (I think it is talc) but I personally do not find this unpleasant.

All in all I adore this palette for just £8.00 this palette surpases my MAC one, I would recommend it to anyone!

The only bad point is how difficult it is to open!

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