Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mini MAC Haul

Hi Guys,

So first of all yes, I am aware that I have been doing an awful lot of shopping recently and don't worry I will soon be taking a break, but for now here is a small MAC haul.

As you know I am someone who likes a bit of a bargain so I will only occassionally treat myself to something a little more pricey and in this instance I decided I required a pigment. I only have one other pigment in my entire makeup collection and that is one by NYX so I wanted to treat myself to another.

So I picked up Vanilla. I have only used this once so far and that was dry. In all honesty I was so impressed but I like to use my NYX pigment wet so I will reserve judgement until I have given Vanilla the same treatmemt.

The other thing I picked up was the strobe cream. I only wanted the to go size but it wasn't available so I got the full size. I am still trying this so will update then. This is meant to be great for added radiance and you know I am all about that.

What have you been your recent buys?

Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

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