Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Drugstore Bronzer Collection!

Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago I saw Kathleen Lights on Youtube (if you don't know who she is you need to!) talk about her bronzer collection. Now I will say that her collection was much more impressive than mine. As a pale girl bronzer should be one of my most used products but in all honesty I only ever use them in the middle of the summer, and very occassionaly I contour.

I also make an appearance in the collection picture!

So here is what I have.

Sleek Face Form in Light

So technically this is a contour and blush kit but it counts as a bronzer. I used to have the sleek contour kit but I lost it some time ago and it has never resurfaced. The bronzer in here is a little colour and is too dark to use to warm up my face is used purely to highlight the hollows of my cheeks. This powder is super easy to blend and very pigmented and really does 'form the face'.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer

This is not really a primer for me. If I was dark it could be, I prefer to just use it as a cream bronzer. This is not one I used for contour as it is extremely warm and does a great job of warming up the face. I blend it into hairline after I apply my foundation and it looks amazing. This is meant to smell like chocolate I think, but it doesn't infact the smell is not overly pleasant. If this was not so easy to work with I would not be able to forgive it.

Bourjois Delice De Pourdre Bronzing Powder in 51

That in one long name! This as you can see if my most used bronzer and I love to use this to warm up the face, contour and on my neck. It really is a wonder product for me. I also like to use my Primark Kabuki Brush and put  a light dusting on my legs for bare legs days. This has also been used to fill in my brows before when I have been short of powder and the product is so pigmented and long lasting it works. This comes in two colours and this is the lighter shades, they also have a contour kit now in a similar format.

The Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer from Kiko

This is from their limited edition Daring Game Collection and I only really bought it as the packaging is amazing, but I really enjoy it. There are two different shades of bronzer in here the lighter one I would use for warming up the face the darker one I would contour with. I really like both powders but the lighter one is the one I prefer. Like all Kiko products I have tried they are really great quality and I would recommend them.

That is all I am afraid, how many bronzers do you own from the Drugstore?

Helen xx

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