Monday, 22 June 2015

Natural Collection Shadows Worth Buying

Hi Guys,

I remember when I first started buying makeup Natural Collection was the first brand that I really bought from. They used to do 3 for £5.00 and they had a stand at my local Boots. The first eyeshadows I used were their duos and I was obsessed. This was also back in the days when I didn't know what highlighter was and I only placed eyeshadow on the mobile lid.

A few months ago I saw the singles in Boots and decided to give them a go. I cannot put this nicely but the great majority are absolute rubbish, however some are really good, I will be sharing these today.

So first up is Midnight this is a really dark grey and could even appear as a black if applied heavily enough. This is very pigmented and is easy to blend, great for a smoky eye. This shadow is matter so I am very impressed, as they are notoriously hard to get right. This has blue undertones and I discovered that I own it twice whie writing this post!

The next shade is blue Lagoon. This is more of a satin and is the most beautiful turqiose, it blends fantastically and I love it as a lower crease colour. The pan does fall out though so I have to be careful when the lid is off. This would be great for this Summer's pop of colour trend.

Last but not least in Spring Green and the colour is exactly as it sounds. This is another satin shadow and is a beautiful light green, this is the type of shade I could use again and again and the lid and lower lash line. If only all the shades were this good.

Have you tried this line of shadows? Which ones did you enjoy?

Helen xx


  1. I've never tried Natural Collection eyeshadows but will definitely give them a swatch next time I'm in boots!

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

  2. I would always advise a swatch before buying them . Some are amazing and other have literally no pigment at all.