Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Liquid Liner

Hi Guys,

For those that have read the blog recently you know that I have been playing with lots of different pencil liners (and loving it) however I am still a liquid liner girl at heart. A good black liquid liner goes with any eye look and unlike a pencil will not snudge. If I know I am going to have a long day at work, liquid liner all the way.

The first thing I should not about this product is not it was £1.50. Yes you do not get a massive amount of product for the price but my normal liner from L'Oreal costs five times more. The brush is short (exactly how I like it) and this is possibly the easiest liner to make a wing with.

The first time I wore this I had a 17 hour makeup day and it did not even smudge or crumble in the slightest. This is not a matte finish and goes on quite shiny. One point to note is that it takes quite a while to dry, so if you have hooded lids and have an issue with transfer,this one is not for you.

When it does set thought it is stuck, nothing smudges it ( not even getting sweaty and dancing with a number of work colleagues) and it is still really to remove at the end of the night.

This liner is now a holy grail product for me, after being so reluctant to try this brand properly I feel like they can do not wrong!

Helen xx

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