Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The £4.00 Shoe ...

Hi Guys,

I know you have probably been reading my OOTD posts and getting fed up of seeing 'Shoes: Primark £4.00'. The thing is these shoes are amazing.

I am and always have been a very heavy footed person, this means that I go through shoes very quickly. I am not a massive heel person and love little ballet flats and have spend the last eight years trying to find some that last a decent amount of time on me. I have tried ones up the value of £50.00 and as low as £1.00  and I find them to be pretty much the same. This is where Primark comes in.

Every other month I do into Primark and buy a bag of their ballet flats. I buy colours, pattern, sandals all sorts of styles and where them to work, casually and out. Admittedly the results are variable. I have had some pairs that fall apart after three wears, however I have had some that have lasted me months of consistent wear. I would say the average is 15 wears per pair and that is not too different to River Island flats for me that are 7 or 8 times the price.

These shoes over me, a very heavy footed individual some real variety and for they are great quality for the price. I will be continuing to buy!

Here is a picture of me wearing said magical shoes (with a funny face)!

Helen xx


  1. I love Primark's shoes! Like you said they can be a bit hit and miss with the quality - but they look great and some of them can last really long too!

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

    1. You are right, they also have a fab variety!