Monday, 15 June 2015

Things not to ask a Bisexual

Hi Guys,

Something that you may not know about me is that I am Bisexual. I have been in a relationship with a man for more than  four years but have been involved with both men and women before. I am attracted to both. I do not know if I define myself as fully out.

The great majority of my friends know, my partner does, work do but my family does not. However when people have found out it can be quite embarrassing (for them) and I often get some strange questions.

Here is what you should not ask a bisexual person.

  1. 'So do you fancy me then?' Possibly. But probably not. Being Bisexual does not mean I fancy everyone. 
  2. 'So do you and you boyfriend have threesomes?' No. And if we did it would be none of your business. 
  3. 'How can he fulfill all your sexual needs?' I love him. He knows what he is doing. What is it to do with you? 
  4. 'Is it difficult being in two relationships?' I wouldn't know, I am in one relationship. 
  5. 'Do you make him dress as a woman?' Absolutely not. 
  6. 'How many sexual partners have you had?' Would you ask a straight woman/lesbian that? 
  7. 'Vagina or Penis?' Personality. 
  8. 'So, as you're with a man you are straight now, right?' No. My sexuality does not change when I start seeing someone of the same opposite sex. 
I hope you found this list enlightening. If you like this kind of topic let me know and I will do more.

Helen xx

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