Friday, 31 July 2015

GOSH CC Cream Review!

Hi Guys,

I have kind of sat on this product for a while. I don't see anything about GOSH cosmetics on other blogs and as a result I decided to pick up a few bits a while ago. I have been using this quite religiously with the very hot weather as a foundation is far too heavy.

I go this in the shade Ivory and it is perfect for my skin. The consistency is very runny and not an awful lot is needed to cover the face. I prefer to apply this using a beauty sponge, but also looks great applied for fingers.

In the recent weather we have had, a little bit of powder and this actually lasts quite well. I put this one about 7.30am and it doesn't start wearing until about about 3pm and when it does, it wears very evenly.

I have tried a couple of different CC creams and I have to say that this is one of my favourites. This claims to be illuminating and I would say that it really does provide that, without it looking greasy. In all a fantastic product and worth the £9.99 price tag!

Have you tried any GOSH products? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Review!

Hi Guys,

So recently I bought a whole lotta Essence Products. I was so excited to try everything and as everyone talked about them having great quality eyeshadows I was so excited to try this. Sadly, it did not turn out well.

Don't get me wrong the shadows, are very pigmented, work well together and are relatively easy to blend, they just don't stay put. This is my pet peave. If shadows are not pigmented I can layer them, or use them for softer looks. If they take some work to blend I just grab my Zoeva brushes and it will be fine. If the colours don't go, I can grab a single. If they don't last there is nothing I can do.

I work this quad on two occassion with different bases (and bases that I knew I could trust) and although the finished looked was beautiful, I had to top up.

I expect to that with lipstick and occassionally powder, but eyeshadow absolutely not. This was so sad, as I was really loving the product.

I will be posting a look up (if I haven't already) as it would still work for a night out, but when there are so many amazing items out there I would not recommend this.

Have you had any items let you down?

Helen xxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Shany Pigments 33 -40!

Hi Guys,

As I am writing this I really need to think about going to bed but I just want to get this is cleared tonight. This is the last of my Shany pigment swatch video and I am kind of relieved! I have some other content ready togo and I am just finishing this so I can add it. You will start seeing the looks I am creating with them in the next few days.

Pigment Set 33-36

This set were by far the hardest to swatch. These area all glitters and so would be used more with other colours than on their own.

Pigment Set 37-40

The last set! These again are quite difficult to swatch as they are glitters, but they were far easier than that last set and I love the purple.

Did you like this series?

Helen xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Shany Pigments 25-32!

Hi Guys,

My second to last swatch post of these pigments and I am still in love. I have really seen some fantastic colours and more and more mixing oppurtunites. While you are reading this I will have been back from a weekend in St Albans for a couple of days and I will be taking a couple of these with me so I will know how they travel.

Let's get into the swatches.

Pigment Set 25-28

That yellow! I have been looking for a true yellow for such a long time. I know the on in Artist Palette is meant to be really good, but I didn't fancy it. This one is just perfect and I love the blue too.

Pigment Set 29 -32

I am sorry the first picture here is so blurry, I left the same type of picture from the last set as it was far worse. The colours in these four are really nice but they just don't seem to go well together.

Which ones do you love?

Helen xx

Monday, 27 July 2015

Shany Pigments 17 -24!

Hi Guys,

So after that day off doing something else we are now back to the pigments. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I schedule so I actually did all of these swatches etc on the same afternoon. I was so glad when all the pictures were taken.

There were some really amazing colours in this batch and I was really surpised at the pigmentation. Whilst I was swatching them I really starting thinking about mixing colours together. My boyfriend walked in and said, 'Oh you playing.' and left the room!

Pigment Set 17-20

I mean look at that orange - that is serious stuff! That will be gorgeous on the crease, used really subtly.

Pigment Set 21-24

My favourite one in this next set is the purpley pink glitter. This is the type of shade that will add a lovely hint of colour on the lid, while staying light and fresh.

What are your favourites?

Helen xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Small Bargain Makeup Haul!

Hi Guys,

I decided to take a little break from the Shany action today, find some haulage instead!

So I have been back to the local Factory Shop again and done a little bit of shopping. I love the fact that they sell my favourite W7 mascara, so this was the first thing that I bought. They also have a good range of other brands too.

They sell a lot of CK products too and although I didn't may any this time, I will be certainly looking at them on my next visit.

So I bought three things, another of the W7 Wander Eye Lust Mascara, and also the Lashtastic by them. I was tempted by some of their blushes, but I really have enough and do not need anymore.

I finally bought the Rimmel BB Cream in Matte. I have had the normal one and really enjoyed it so as I am a matte girl at heart, have been waiting to buy this forever. When I saw it at £3.00 I decided that it was time for me to have it.

That was all! Is there anything that you have bought lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shany Pigments 9-16!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to part two of the pigment bonanza! Today I have pigments 9 to 16 and these are so bright. I am really loving these pigments and doing this series and made me really look at all of them and it has made me so excited to use them some more.

Like the first post I used a flat shader brush (one of the ones that was provided with the set) and the Makeup Revolution Setting Spray.

Set 9-12

This set is really bright, really pigmented and so different to what I thought I would find in this kit.

Set 13 - 16

This set is again so, so beautiful, but the colours are not put in a logical order as shown here.

Keep an out eye for the third post!

Helen xx

Friday, 24 July 2015

Shany Pigments 1-8!

Hi Guys,

So today is the first day of the Shany Pigment series. I am going to do five seperate posts showing you all of the colours. Now I am going to use all of them wet, as this is how I would normally wear them and it shows of the glitter perfectly As I write this I am wearing one!

All of the pigments and the glitters are numbered and there are no names. They all come with a lovely sifter inside. The spray I am using is the Makeup Revolution Setting Spay in Normal.

One of the things that people have said about these pigments is that they have received a number of the same pigments in the same set. A lot of them do look very similar in the pots, but they are definitely different. 

Let's get on with the swatches!

Set 1-4

These are more glitters so they are all a little sheer. The colours are all different they all very pretty.

Set 5-8

You can see these are definitely more pigmented and they are so gorgeous. I actually think 6 is my favourite of the whole set.

Look out for part two!

Helen xx

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Shany Pigment Set Introduction!

Hi Guys,

So after a lot of angonising I finally decided to buy this set. It was a whopping £94.00 on Amazon UK, so I went to Amazon US. I got it shipped and every for £33.00. These posts are in no why sponsored, but the only way I can get through it is to complete a series.

This set contains 40 pigments and glitters, in a variety of colours. The pigments are very pigmented but as you would guess the glitters are less so. This also comes with two flat shader brushes. The set contains, brights, neutrals, pastels and metallics.

It also come in a great little box and is very easy to store.

Here are a couple of pictures and look out for future posts.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Stalker Story.

Hi Guys,

Today I will be talking about something quite personal. This post may be quite long but I am really ready to share this story.

When I was 17, I started at a college a couple of towns away from where I lived. I had quite a hefty journey in each day and as a result I relied on the shop at the college quite a bit.

There was a man who worked there who was about ten years older than me who has very dark, close cut hair, pale skin and wore very strong glasses. He also used a wear a massive number of rings on his fingers. He seemed friendly enough and we would often pass the time while he was scanning my goods. His name was Chris.

Probably about six weeks after I started college he gave me a keyring with my name on it. Until very recently I kept that keyring as a reminder. Never judge a book by its cover. I didn't think an awful lot of this and in all honestly assummed it was probably damaged stock from the shop and it just so happened to have my name on it. I thought it he had bought it, it was sweet.

The next couple of weeks went by and he seemed to know a lot about my purchases, but again I did not think anything of it.

Then, one Friday night I went to a party. On the Monday a boy called Terry who had been at that party asked for my surname so that he could add me on Facebook. This was in the shop and Chris heard.

That night Chris added me as a friend. This was nearly seven years ago and at this point we weren't as concerned about Facebook security as we are now. It was almost a game to get as many friends as possible so I accepted the Friend Request.

I wish I hadn't.

That night he sent me a message telling me that he had feelings for me. I explained that I did not see him that way and that I was with somebody. He sent me a number of messsges telling me that although, it was frowned up on a relationship between the two of us was ok. I told him again that I did not see him that way. He send back something about us being friends and I was satisfied that the message was settled.

This was not the case.

For the next for weeks the messages kept coming. I would get atleast five Facebook messages from him a day. Again this was seven years ago, to go onto Facebook there wasn't an app you had to go onto the actual mobile website or be at a computer. He also commented on every single status I put up at least once.

My Auntie thought that if I invited him out with some of my friends he would realise just how young I was. I have always been quite mature and we thought he was mistaking 17 year old me with a 21 year old woman. The idea was if he saw me with my 17 year old friends, who couldn't drink, stay out late and were still learning to drive he would be severely put off.

This was the worst thing I could have done.

As we were going out he had to have my mobile number. That's when it got even worse. He added the friends that came out for lunch with us on Facebook. He would text me 40 plus times a day and leave at least ten missed calls. Resulting in a number of voicemails.

When I didn't respond he would message my friends or Facebook and ask if I was ok. This was not just limited to the couple of friends that he had met. This could just be someone random from my friends' list.

By this point I was also receiving around 15 Facebook messages a day and he started to appear on my walk to college from the train station. As the way he was walking made no sense it was obvious that he had changed his route to work and was going out of his way to see me.

He also appeared to know my timetable and quite often walked past the windowed doors of my classrooms looking in. This was on floors that he had absolutely no cause to be on.

This went on for a number of weeks. He started waiting for me outside the shop when I started late and calls and texts just kept coming.

Finally my friend Mel made me realise how serious it was. One night on Facebook I had out a status up he had commented on it six times within about half an hour. This was now standard behaviour, on the same day I had around 100 other forms of contact. She called him out. She told him that of he continue she would go to the Police.

His reaction told me everything I needed to. After being quite rude to her, he deleted every comment he had ever made on my Facebook. As there were hundreds by this time it must have taken him hours.

The next day my Auntie and I went to see my Tutor at college and made a formal complaint. He got demoted and was told he was only allowed to speak to me when serving at the shop and only to ask for the money owed.

Thank Goodness this worked. I often think what could have happened if my friend had not been so savvy, would it have ended so pleasantly?  The answer is probably not.

I think if he had become much more obsessed with me that a demotion would have made no difference.


Now I am afraid of customer service reps. If I am at a supermarket I would rather struggle at self service than go to a checkout, I don't let myself become a regular somewhere and I am even scared of the hairdressers. I just can't trust these people who I have chance encounters with anymore. That is very sad and not likely to change.

Recently I found him on Facebook. He is now in his late thirties, has a dead end job and looks just how he did when I was 17. Seeing him again terrified me so much I blocked him.

I just hope I don't miss the warning signs again, and even though I haven't seen Mel in a number of years she will always hold a place in my heart.

Helen xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My MUA Lip Velvet Collection

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post here on my MUA Lip Velvet Collection. I have Four Shades and they are all beautiful.

So here they are:

Tranquility - A true nude with a little bit of brown.

Serene - A baby pink. 

Funk - A true dark pink.

Kooky - A dark purple.

Helen xx

Monday, 20 July 2015

My Favourite Liquid Lipsticks!

Hi Guys,

At the moment liquid lipsticks are really on trend and I love them! I have a full drawer of them and I have now tried a number of different brands. So here are my favourites. All of these are a matte finish.

The True Nude

This is a real nude with a slight hint of brown and is so easy to wear. The MUA Velvet is Tranquility lasts all day and it looks fantastic. Really greasy food wears it off a little but has great staying power. This colour looks good with a gloss over, on its own or worn with lipliner. I will do a post on all of the shades I have from this line.

The Dark Pinky Nude

This lipstick is so well worn it is nearly gone. This is Nude-ist by Bourjois and looks gorgeous. Depending on what I wear it with it can be very pink or very nude and it can be really layered up to make it much darker. It is so beautiful, again I have these in a number of colours.

The Red

This was the first liquid lipstick that I ever bought. This is part of the Super Stay 24 line from Maybelline and is in the colour Red Passion. This is a classic red and like the others ones in totally matte and stays all day. This also comes with a balm on the other end and this can be built up to look really glossy. 

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

Helen xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

#FOTD feat GOSH Have Fun With in La Palette

Hi Guys,

Today I bring you another face of the day. I have had this palette for some time and for various reasons have only picked it up and used it once or twice. I decided to get it because I though the colours were one that I didn't have too many off in my collection.

So first of all I began by doing my eyebrows with the Dip Brow in Auburn (I am recently wrote a review about this and I am still really into it) and then I primed my lids with NYX jumbo pencil in Milk. This is great for making the shadows more vivid.

I then went in with the blue in top right hand corner of the palette and blended that into my crease, I then added the mermaid green shade below it to create a very soft cut crease. I then blended a little bit of the purple in the top left hand corner into my outer V.

I then sprayed some of the Makeup Revolution Setting Spray onto a flat shader brush and applied the yellowy/green shade in the bottom right hand corner to my lid. It did not foil as well as I expected but I think it still looked really nice. I then added the Mermaid shade to the lower lash line and black lquid liner (L'Oreal Master Precise) to my upper lash line.

I used my W7 Eyelust mascara and then moved onto my face. I went straight in with my Rimmel Matte BB cream. It is too soon to write a review but I am really liking it so far.

I then used my Essence Blush UP! on my cheeks and powdered with the Bourjois Rice Powder.

I so often miss my lips in these posts today I wore the Essence Lipliner in number 12 and my MUA Velvet Lacquer in Tranquil.

That's it!

Helen xxx

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Drawer of Unopened Mascaras!

Hi Guys,

As you know I am a demon who is obsessed with mascara, this means that I buy it all the time. As mascara goes off so quickly I will only open when another is finished, this means that I often have small stock of them. Here is what I have at the moment:

Makeup Gallery - The Never Ending Story

MUA - Mega Volume Mascara

GOSH - No Limits Lash Mascara

Essence - I Love Extreme Volume 

Essence - I love Extreme Crazy Volume 

W7 - Lashtastic 

W7 - Eye Lust 

What do you have in your mascara drawer? Let me know in the comments below.  Helen xxx

Friday, 17 July 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Collection!

Hi Guys,

Today I bring you my L'oreal Colour Infallible Collection, I love these shadows and have mentioned them a number of times on this blog already.

For my viewers sitting in the UK I know that these are not the easiest products to find, but you can get them on Amazon ( and .com) and also in many discount makeup stores. I have nine in my collection but one has currently gone missing and is nowhere to be found. That was is called Sassy Marshmallow and I have mentioned in before, so let's get into it.

I tried to do this in some order - or so I thought I did but there was really any at all.

First Three

Permanent Khaki - A shimmery khaki colour.
Tender Caramel - The most gorgeous shimmery nude colour with a hint of brown.
Bronze Divine - An antique gold.

Second Three

Blue Curacoa - A matte bright blue.
Pebble Grey -  A matte dark grey (great transition colour).
Purple Obsession - A metallic mid- toned purple.

Last Two

Eternal Black - A true black with intense silver shimmer.
Smoky Green -  A matte khaki.

Have you got any of these shadows?

Helen xx