Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Anastasia Dip Brown Pomade Review

Hi Guys,

This product has been all over Youtube and the Blogs for a couple of years now. However, as you know I can be a little sceptical of things that are loved on these social media. As you know, you just do not know who is being paid to say what.

This is one instance where I can confirm that nobody is lying, this product really is very good. As my hair is now ginger and not just slightly auburn it is getting harder and harder to find the right colour. My Inglot Gel and Powder really works for me but I wanted to try something new.

I bought this for £15.00 from Beauty Bay and it came really quickly. First of all this product is very pigmented (it takes a while to get used to) and that means that only a little is needed. And after a number of days of use it still looks hardly touched.

This also stays all day and does not need to be set by anything and it does not flake or look crispy. This is makes my brows looks full but not over the top.

This product is really worth the hype and is fantastic, and the colour match is perfect for me. I will continue to use this and imagine in a few months it will become a repurchase!

Have you tried this product?

Helen xx

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