Thursday, 30 July 2015

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Review!

Hi Guys,

So recently I bought a whole lotta Essence Products. I was so excited to try everything and as everyone talked about them having great quality eyeshadows I was so excited to try this. Sadly, it did not turn out well.

Don't get me wrong the shadows, are very pigmented, work well together and are relatively easy to blend, they just don't stay put. This is my pet peave. If shadows are not pigmented I can layer them, or use them for softer looks. If they take some work to blend I just grab my Zoeva brushes and it will be fine. If the colours don't go, I can grab a single. If they don't last there is nothing I can do.

I work this quad on two occassion with different bases (and bases that I knew I could trust) and although the finished looked was beautiful, I had to top up.

I expect to that with lipstick and occassionally powder, but eyeshadow absolutely not. This was so sad, as I was really loving the product.

I will be posting a look up (if I haven't already) as it would still work for a night out, but when there are so many amazing items out there I would not recommend this.

Have you had any items let you down?

Helen xxx

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