Saturday, 4 July 2015

Everyday Makeup

Hi Guys,

So I will first of all begin by saying that I do not wear the same makeup look everyday. I really like change it up and will use different eyeshadows, foundations and blushes all the time. I also don't do a contour everyday, unless I really concentrate it makes my face look a little dirty ad as I don't have ten minutes to do it each morning, I generally don't.

I also don't conceal my under eyes, I don't have a massive problem with dark circles and pretty much every concealer I have tried creases (even when set) and makes my fine lines look so much worse.

Today I have done my typical neutral purple look - I just can't get on with brown - and have used the shadows from my Z Palette.

So first of all I complete my brows I am currently using the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Aurburn and do not need any other products to set. It stays all day and is a great colour match.

I then Prime my eyes with Benefit's cream shadow in r.s.v.p.I then used the Cut the Cake by Too Faced in my crease. This is a Satin shadow but really works as my transition colour. To my crease again I create a soft cut crease by using Too Faced's First Dance - both of these shadows are from the Romantic Eye Palette.

I then go to Urban Decay  and use Shellshock on the Lid. This can be really intense if you let it, but as I just want a subtle day look I use a really light hand. I then use Voodoo also by Urban Decay on my lower lash line.

I then use by trusty L'Oreal Liquid liner on the my upper lashline and use the wonderful W7 Mascara in Wanderlust.

I then Prime my face with the Nivea Primer and today I applied the Rimmerl BB Cream in Matte. This was the first time I used it and I have to say I did quite like it.

I then set this with my Milani Muli Tasking Powder and my blush is Now! by Makeup Revolution. Next I just highlighted the highpoints with my Radiance Palette.

And that's it!

What is your everyday look?

Helen xx

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