Thursday, 16 July 2015

Products that are Not Worth The Hype: Eyeshadow

Hi Guys,

Today I bring unfortunately a slightly negative post. There are so many products that are hyped up on social media and as a result people buy them. A good few times I have been caught out by this and I have been quite severely disappointed. Today I bring you three high end Eyesahdow palettes, that I really have not enjoyed.

MAC Shadows

I can already hear people protesting. About this time last year I bought the Cool Neutrals Palette and was so excited to try them, however I was sorely disappointed. The shadows are not very pigmented, the matte shades take a lot blending, and they all end up looking muddy and the same. I have tried using some of the shadows with fix plus ( this always works for lacking shimmer shadows for me) and  this did not work to improve them.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

If my readers have not deserted me by this point, they certainly will now. I just do not like this palette. I feel that the looks it creates are very similar,even with a primer that I know I can trust they do not last very long and again they easily look muddy. Part of it is also because I am cool toned and the warm tones look a little silly. I have no desire to buy the Naked 2 though as this let me down so badly. The shadows are atleast pigmented though.

Benefit Nude's Eyeshadow Collections

The cream shadows that are included in these sets are very good, but the powders are rubbish. The pigmentation is not great and they blend to almost nothing very easily. When they have been built up enough to actually create a look, they do not last very long at all. Even with the cream shadows that are fab for other shadows. These sets were not cheap at 6 shadows for around £24.00 and this was a massive disappointment.

What products let you down?

Helen xx


  1. Aww shade you didn't like the benefit shadows, I quite like the little book kits cause I find the creams work as a really good base for the powders so I don't have to wear a primer.

    I would say the mac foundations are a let down for me, maybe it's just my skin that they don't agree with but to me their not worth the hype.

    Tasha xxx

  2. I really like the creams as bases and I have used one of them totally, but the powders just let them down so much.

    I have heard such bad things about the foundations and that people break out all the time xx