Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Quite a Large Essence Haul!

Hi Guys,

If you have been reading this blog recently you will have noticed that I have been getting into more and more bargain products. I have always been someone who is mainly drugstore but largely ignored the bargain market as I had been let down in the past. Recently, due to Makeup Revolution (who are rockin it) I have been loving the cheaper side of things.

When I was in Liverpool recently I found myself at the Essence stand in Wilkos and there was much that I wanted. I have only tried a couple of things from them in the past and I can't wait to have a real go of these.


I Love Extreme Volume Mascara - I love mascaras. I particularly love cheap mascaras some of the more expensive ones have let me (They're Real for instance) but low cost ones have been a real success. I have seen this all over the blogging world and decided I had to try it. This was just £2.80.

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - Just another version of the same one, again I love mascara and could not pass up another chance to use a new one. £2.80 again!

Single Eyeshadow in Hazel Me Not - I bought this to use as a transition colour it is a very light brown almost nude shadow. When I've swatched it at home it doesn't really show up. I'm hoping it is better on the lids. £1.60.

Quattro Eyeshadow in Laugh, Love, Lime - This is a shimmery set of four shadows with a greeny/blue colour palette. These swatch very nicely and the glitter is not too chunky. They had a few of these and they all looked really pretty. £3.00

Liquid Ink Matte Eyeliner - I have been looking for a good properly matte liquid eyeliner for some time, as the ones I currently have are demi matte or glossy. I really can't wait to use this one. £2.80.


NB I apologise for the quality of this picture I have been having some issues recently.

Stay all Day Makeup in Soft Creme 150 -  This is far too dark for me on closer inspection so I will be giving it to a friend. They only have four shades so anyone that isn't in the medium range would have a problem here. £3.80

Blush Up in Heat Wave  - This was totally a case of 'instagram made me buy it' I have seen this in so many flat lays that I just had to buy it. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to mix it together. £3.50.

Lipliner in 12 Wish Me a Rose - This was a total bargain at just £1.00 and as I don't really have any lipliners I think it was an essential (that's what I will be telling my boyfriend anyway!).

Eye Blender Brush - I thought this actually looked useful, it is the right shape and is duo fibre. This means it is not packed with bristles and is very soft. They had some really interesting looking brushes their but this was my favourite.

Right so that is all, what products have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xxx

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