Friday, 24 July 2015

Shany Pigments 1-8!

Hi Guys,

So today is the first day of the Shany Pigment series. I am going to do five seperate posts showing you all of the colours. Now I am going to use all of them wet, as this is how I would normally wear them and it shows of the glitter perfectly As I write this I am wearing one!

All of the pigments and the glitters are numbered and there are no names. They all come with a lovely sifter inside. The spray I am using is the Makeup Revolution Setting Spay in Normal.

One of the things that people have said about these pigments is that they have received a number of the same pigments in the same set. A lot of them do look very similar in the pots, but they are definitely different. 

Let's get on with the swatches!

Set 1-4

These are more glitters so they are all a little sheer. The colours are all different they all very pretty.

Set 5-8

You can see these are definitely more pigmented and they are so gorgeous. I actually think 6 is my favourite of the whole set.

Look out for part two!

Helen xx

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