Monday, 27 July 2015

Shany Pigments 17 -24!

Hi Guys,

So after that day off doing something else we are now back to the pigments. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I schedule so I actually did all of these swatches etc on the same afternoon. I was so glad when all the pictures were taken.

There were some really amazing colours in this batch and I was really surpised at the pigmentation. Whilst I was swatching them I really starting thinking about mixing colours together. My boyfriend walked in and said, 'Oh you playing.' and left the room!

Pigment Set 17-20

I mean look at that orange - that is serious stuff! That will be gorgeous on the crease, used really subtly.

Pigment Set 21-24

My favourite one in this next set is the purpley pink glitter. This is the type of shade that will add a lovely hint of colour on the lid, while staying light and fresh.

What are your favourites?

Helen xx

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