Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Shany Pigments 33 -40!

Hi Guys,

As I am writing this I really need to think about going to bed but I just want to get this is cleared tonight. This is the last of my Shany pigment swatch video and I am kind of relieved! I have some other content ready togo and I am just finishing this so I can add it. You will start seeing the looks I am creating with them in the next few days.

Pigment Set 33-36

This set were by far the hardest to swatch. These area all glitters and so would be used more with other colours than on their own.

Pigment Set 37-40

The last set! These again are quite difficult to swatch as they are glitters, but they were far easier than that last set and I love the purple.

Did you like this series?

Helen xx

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