Monday, 31 August 2015

A Quick Note..

Hi Guys,

Due to a change in role at work I will be taking the next couple of weeks away from blogging. At this point I need to focus on my career. That being said, I have just made a massive order from Makeup Revolution, so look out for that!

See you soon,


Monday, 17 August 2015

#Fotd Feat Collection, Nyx and Essence

Hi Guys,

As you will know from my recent haul post, I went a bit crazy with Collection lately. As you will know if you read this blog recently, I am massively into bargain makeup at the moment. Today I am going to show you a face using some of those products.

So I first of all went in for my brows and I used my now beloved, dip brow pomade. After that I primed my lids with the NYX jumbo pencil in  milk. This is fantastic for making shadows more vibrant. I then went in with the Collection Work the Colour Palette in Blue. I picked the the number 2 colour on the third row and worked that into my crease and followed that with a little of number 3 from the same row. I then placed number 2 from the second row all over my lid and lined by lower lash line with number 2.

I then lined my upper lash line with my favourite L'Oreal Liner and used a mixture of the Essence I love Crazy Extreme Volume and the Collection No Clumps Mascara.

For my foundation I used the Collection Colour Match Foundation in Porcelain - ~I really like this. I then used there flow blush.

With a little bit of the Bourjois Aqua Laque on the lips and I am done!

Helen xx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara Review!

Hi Guys,

As you know I love mascara, as a result I was able to write recently about the whole drawer I have dedicated to unopened mascaras.This is something that I only bought fairly recently, but I have been using it for a number of days now and I feel like I can properly review it.

First of all lets talk about the wand. It is odd to say the least! First of all is really thick, with lots of really short rubber bristles and it holds quite a lot of product. As a result I thought I was going to hate it these types of wands always overload my short straight lashes with product. This was not the case with this brush however.

It has the knack of just adding enough product to increase the volume, but not so much so it makes the lashes clumpy.

The size of the wand means that if I am not really careful I can get mascara underneath my eyes, as I do my eye makeup first this does not bother me as I can just wipe it away.

The formula is very black and very wet it needs a couple of minutes to dry, but once it set they stay in place. I do not curl my lashes but this keeps the curl all day and the length and volume is fantastic. It does not flake or spoil and is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.

I would certainly advise anyone to try this, it is one of my favourite items in my makeup collection and is a definite repurchase.

Have you tried this?

Helen xxx

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cheshire Eats: Fox and Hounds Review!

Hi Guys,

Here I am today with another review of Cheshire Eateries. This time it is the Fox and Hounds in Sproston. I remember going to this place a number of years ago just after 2pm and the place was closed. It only opened 12-2 and 6-8. After that we avoided it.

Then a number of months ago it appeared to have a massive refurb and we knew that somebody new had it. A couple of weeks ago we decided to try it.,

First of all the place is beautiful, it has a massive outside eating space and even though it is small it is lovely and spacious outside.

We looked at the menu and then decided to go for starters. I picked the ribs and he picked the spring rolls. Both were not only massive but absolutely delicious and the rib came with a gorgeous Jack Daniels maranade.

Then for mains I picked my usual the Steak and Ale pie. This was full of meat and the pastry was stunning. Thomas' burger was of excellent quality and he enjoyed it.

This was one of the best places I have ever been for food. The service was fantastic and the whole place was so well looked after.

I can't wait to go there again!

Have you been here?

Helen xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

My Makeup Revolution Palette Collection!

Hi Guys,

As you may or may not know I am obsessed with Makeup Revolution. I find the more and more I used their products the more I fall in love. My favourite products from them are their eyeshadows. I have tried three of their formulas:

  • Ultra Eye Shadows 
  • Super Elite Eye Shadows 
  • Iconic Eye Shadows 
Of these formulas (which are all great) my favourite is the Ultra. These shadows are majoring pigmented, very easy to blend and do shimmers and mattes very well. So here are the palettes.

Eyes Like Angels

This is possibly one of my favourite palettes ever. I am not a neutrals lover and I adore colour. This has blues,green, purples, pinks and even a red. The shadows are so easy to blend and I have options for days with this palette. The shadows blend fantastically.

Beyond Flawless

I bought this my mistake. I wanted to get the Matte palette so that I had a really good set of staples available, however I picked this one up by accident. This is really good for any neutral palette lovers and this is actually better than my MAC Cool Neutrals shadows.

Iconic Pro 2

I have wanted the Lorac Pro 2 since it came out. Now I could have bought the real thing from Amazon, but this was £6.99. The shimmers in this formula (Super Elite) are not as good as the Ultra Shadows but the mattes pack a real punch. Don't bother with Lorac when this is so much cheaper.

Iconic 3

This was one of the first Makeup Revolution Palettes to come out and instantly everybody loved it. From looking at it, you can see that it a full dupe for the Naked 3. I love this palette. This is so easy to work with and at £4.00 it is £32.00 cheaper than the real one!

Which Palettes have you tried? 

Helen xx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Primark Makeup Haul!

Hi Guys,

So the last time I bought anything from the Primark Makeup Range, they had very little choice. First of all they only had colour cosmetics then and there was such a small range.Now there is loads! I decided to have a really good shop. I did originally have a couple more items but my bag broke and I lost them :(. I have six items remaining and here they are,

The Liquid Foundation

This was just £2.50 and comes in three shades, light, medium and dark. I have swatched this and the colour seems about right for me. I am looking forward to trying it.

The False Lash Effect Mascara

This is something I can't wait to try! I had one of their mascaras last year and loved it, now they have a far bigger range. This was £2.50.

The Matte Long Last Lipstick

This does not have a colour name but is a blue toned pink. The packaging is very similar to the Max Factor Lipsticks this should be well worth it.

PS Liquid Lipstick

These lipsticks really are everywhere, I also go the nude colour but this was lost. This was just £2.00. I hate the smell of it, it smells like ASDA in the back. Haha I used to work there!

Liquid Liner

For £1.00 I am not expecting more but I looking forward to try.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Something that I would not expect to see from Primark at just £2.00

What are your Primark Picks? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beauty Chamber Haul!

Hi Guys,

I recently placed an order with Beauty Chamber. They are a site that allow us to get some of the products and brands that we can normally only find in the US just without the hefty customer charges.

The first brand I went were was LA Girl. I had heard such amazing things about their liquid lipsticks and I picked it up in the shade Timeless. I have worn this a number of times now and it lasts all day, definitely worth a pick.

It would not be any LA Girl haul without a concealer. I decided to get this in both Cool Ivory and a corrector in Yellow.

Everything else I bought were beauty tools. As I had never tried them before I decided to treat myself to couple of Morphe brushes.

I got the:

E30 Blending Fluff Brush
E27 Pro Round Blender Brush
G18 Round Crease Brush

I am just getting used them but at first I am really enjoying them!

I then decided to get something from Bdellium Tools. They have been all over Youtube I got the Tapered Blending Brush it is Duo Fibre and so soft!

When I saw they sold Nanshy I couldn't resist. I got another one of their crease brushes this time in black and their Marvel Sponge - it looks so interesting.

Everything came in just a couple of days and was really well packaged, I have already started filling my basket up again for next payday!

What would you buy?

Helen xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Youtuber Spotlight: Fancythatwithcandice

Hi Guys,

I am back with another Youtuber Spotlight and I am so surprised with how well this series has gone! Today I telling you about Candice, I only discovered her channel recently that day I watched about ten videos in a row. After that I have been hooked.

She seems to put up tonnes of contents and she is so cheerful and happy. Sometimes with Youtubers this can be a little bit annoying, but with Candice I just want to watch more. She does lots of hauls, lots of favourites videos and  also invites friends into her videos. This is a channel for you if you really like a girly time with a bit of a laugh.

She currently has around 13k subscribers (at the time of writing) but she deserves so much more! 

Here is one of her videos, just to make it very clear this is not my video, I do not own it

Who are your favourite Youtubers?

Helen xx

Monday, 10 August 2015

Cheshire Eats: Don Alberto's Holmes Chapel

Hi Guys,

Today I will be writing a post that is a little painful. As you will know from previous restaurant reviews I love to go out for food. My partner and I love trying different restaurants and when we heard about this we decided to go and give it a try.

First of all the restaurant was previously an Indian Restaurant and it appears that the furniture and other fixtures have been kept.

We sat down and we were given menus, we had to wait a good deal of time for the drinks to be ordered. When we got them, they were wrong. There were also issues when it came to ordering. They asked if we were ready and then disappeared for five minutes before taking our order.

The meal then took over half an hour to arrive. When it did, it was absolutely delicious, this was some of the best food I have ever eaten.

We did not have time to wait forever for a dessert - and there was no menu, the waiters just had to remember it - and asked for the bill. At this point we had a shock - £5.00 for a pint of coke

The food here was amazing, but I would not return due to the lack of service!

Have you been here?

Helen xxx

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Morphe Wishlist!

Hi Guys,

Since I have discovered the Beauty Chamber website I cannot stop spending time on there. Now I know that they sell Morphe I really want to try more from them. Here are my top picks:

The Pressed Powder Contour Kit

I do not have very many contour products, and I definitely need more. This one has six colours and I have heard fantastic things about it on Youtube. This is meant to blend fantastically and is far larger than the Anastasia Equivalent.

Morphe Multi Colour Matte Palette

I need more Matte shadows and I think this palette would be perfect. This would give me loads of crease options, again their shadows are meant to be amazing. At £18.95 this is a great price and includes neutrals and colours.

Morphe Blushed Blush Palette

This is another great priced palette at just £19.95 for nine blushes. This offers a great number of shades and again I heard how easy it is to blend and use. This would be the perfect edition to my collection.

What are your Morphe Makeup Picks?

Helen xx

Saturday, 8 August 2015

You Look Disgusting - My Thoughts

Hi Guys,

It has taken me a couple of weeks to write about this, but I am glad that I finally am. As a  beauty blogger I have been fairly fortunate.

Before writing this blog I had a book blog for a while and I received some really horrible comments.After a reviewed a book and the author picked apart everything I said and pulled me on every grammar error or typo (it happens to all of us) I decided to give it up. It was a hard decision as I really enjoyed writing the posts, but it got too much.

My partner had a gaming Youtube Channel he had a couple of thousand subscribers and a handful of dedicated followers, then the death threats began. Eventually, he could not handle it any more and gave up.

Em from My Pale Skin put a picture of herself up and social media a few months ago and the comments were horrendous. They called her some awful names. She then compared those comments to her wearing makeup. Some of them were positive others called her name for that too. This just shows that we never really are good enough. If you choose to put yourself out there you always run the risk of being criticised, but now people go too far and that is not acceptable. We need to start acting as our mothers taught us: 'if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.'

Helen xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Favourite Classic Crime Dramas!

Hi Guys,

I love Crime Dramas, there will always be some season lined up to be saved on my Sky Plus and I really enjoy ones from the 90s and 80s. I like them because they are just not are gory as the ones shown today. They work on being subtle and I really enjoy that.

A Touch of Frost

This is the one that I am currently devouring at break neck speed. The main detective here is Jack Frost played by David Jason and is set in the fictional town of Denton. This was filmed between 1992 and 2010 and is well loved in British homes. Am lot of actors that went on to have a large portfolio of TV work began by appearing on this TV show. These episodes are two hours long and normally have a number of different aspects.

Murder She Wrote

If you have never heard of this show, where have you been? The main protagonist here is Jessica Fletcher an author from Cabot Cove in Maine. She is played by the formidable Angela Lansbury and she travels not only the whole of America, but also around the world. This show ran from 1984 to 1996 and it is really interesting to see the changes in technology. This one is a little light hearted and there are some funny moments. The massive networks of friends she has always surprises me - I wish I knew that many people!

Diagnosis Murder

This is another show with a massive following. I have seen every episode of this show and Mark Sloane played by Dick Van Dyke is a fantastic character. Of the three this is the most light hearted, however there are some scary moments that are really well played. If you watch this you will know that half of the Van Dyke family stars in the series at one point or another. This is definitely worth a watch and box sets can be bought.

Which shows do you watch?

Helen xx

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Youtuber Spotlight: HollieEatsLipstick

Hi Guys,

I am going another of the Youtuber Spotlight Series, I am really enjoying letter people know about the Youtubers that need to be much bigger.

Today I am focusing on Hollie Forrest's channel. I have been following her since she worked at Target and had a couple of thousand subscribers she know has over 70k. This was in part due to a mention from Coffeebreakwithdani.

Her most popular videos are her lipbalm hauls and when she does through her empties every so often there are always tonnes in there. She likes rock music and has red hair and pale skin. She shows her freckles and proudly and unlike a lot of Youtubers is not covered in false tan. Her videos are getting better and better as time goes on and her makeup collection seems to be never ending. I also like the fact that not every tutorial is based on a brown,neutral eye look.

If you like Emily Noel you will like Hollie as she admits to pulling a lot of inspiration from her.

Here is one of her Videos, to highlight I do not own this!

Helen xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

FOTD: Feat Shany Cosmetics, Jordana, Essence and more!

Hi Guys,

So I am writing this on a Sunday morning after having ages to play with my makeup. I was so excited to have a bit more time I decided to go all out and right a post, so let's get into it.

So first of all I did my brows and I used my Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn. I wrote a review on this a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. I then primed my eyes with the Benefit Creasless Cream shadow in RSVP. I love this for went I want a really warm look.

I went in with my Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 and used New-tral - the most gorgeous peach - in my crease. I then used a tiny bit of Chase just to add a little definition. I then went and mixed two Shany Pigments together I picked number 4 and number 35 and after spraying a flat shadow brush with setting spray apply the mix to the lid. This created a nice subtle shimmer. I then went back to the plaette and used Ambition in the Outer V.

I really did not fancy a heavy liner so I went in with my Natural Collection Soft Navy Eye Lines Prencil and lined the upper lashes. I then used Ambition on my lower lashline. Now I normally use two mascaras but since discovering this next one I have had to. This is the I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara from Essence and it is amazing, my lashes look huge!

Then for the face I used a BB cream by Pond's (can be found on and applied it with Primark's version of the Beauty Blender. I then powdered with my Milani Multi Use Powder. The blush I used today was Terracotta by Jordana and is my fave for warm tone looks - it is gorgeous. Then highlighted with Paper from the Palette.

On my lips I am wearing Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Peach Club - it always looks so red on me. That is me done!

Helen xx

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Amazon.Com Wishlist!

Hi Guys,

As you know (and if you don't where have you been?) I recently bought Shany pigment set from and I recently been looking at what else I fancy. Just before I start things to remember about shopping from Amazon US:

  • All US shops show prices before tax is added, unlike the UK where they show prices after. 
  • Not all sellers ship to the UK, but as long as you are logged into your account you will know when looking at the product. 
  • Amazon pay the customs for you.
Lorac Pro Palette

As with everything that I will include in this list.this can be shipped to the UK, proving it is available to us. This is currently on for $42 and remember Amazon will not sell counterfiets and takes very serious actions with those who try it. We all know how amazing this is meant to be so I won't go om about it anymore!

Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhance Kit in Nude

This has a tonne of stuff all for just $10.00. It includes two eyeliners, two mascaras and nine eyeshadows. I have tried some of their products before and even though, their base products lean a bit dark for me their colour products are really good for drugstore.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

I don't tend to wear concealer very much, this is in part because I feel like I don't need it and also because I have not found the right one. This one has been all over Youtube and at less than $5.00, I could buy this ten times over.

So you see ladies? We can get those US items that we have been begging for. What are you after? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you,

Helen xx

Monday, 3 August 2015

My Almost Frizz Free Hair Routine

Hi Guys,

Today I will be doing something a little different. I will be focusing on hair care so first of all my hair is:

  • Thick
  • But Fine
  • Frizzy
  • Curly
  • Coloured
  • Extension Free
I will never ever be totally free of frizz as I have curly hair, a fear of the hair dresser and a hair that I have been colouring since I was 12 it's impossible. That being said, I can severly reduce this and here is how I do it.

So first of all I have always been a fan of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Products. They are not too expensive and do a really good job.

First of all I wash my hair with the Forever Smooth Shampoo. I have been using this for about six weeks now and have seen a marked improvement in my hair. This not only leave is cleans, less frizzy it also gives it a great shine.

I then go in with the Forever Smooth Conditioner, which just leaves the hair so soft and knot free.

I then spritz the Daily Miracle Leave in Conditoner and dry my hair and straighten it. For days when I want my hair really straight I use the Three Day Straight spray from John Frieda. This does not keep my hair straight all day for one day, let alone three but it definitely helps to cut down the frizz.

So there you have it my hair routine!

Helen xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rimmel BB Cream Matte: Review

Hi Guys,

As you will know I recently bought the Rimmel Matte BB Cream. I have been wanting this for such a long time and finally when I saw it somewhere for £3.00 I decided it was time to purchase it.

I feel like I have been working so hard to find a really good BB Cream. I feel like CC creams are nailing it, but BB creams are just not there yet.

First of all this BB cream has an extremely runny texture. If I place it on my hand and then turn it, it will actually run off. The coverage of this is ok it also blends really well into the skin and no moisturiser or primer is required.

I used light and the colour match was very good for me (I normally wear Ivory in their foundations). This says matte finish but it is more demi matte finish. That suits me. I feel like someone wearing a BB cream is expecting a lighter, more natural coverage This provides that.

There is only one thing that lets it down. The staying power. This is gone within four or five hours and as a result I could not wear it for work. This is really good for a night out or a short event.

This would be perfect if not for the staying power.

What did you think?


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Youtuber Spotlight: Beauty With Emily Fox

Hi Guys,

So a couple of weeks ago I did my first Youtuber Spotlight. I think there are so many Youtubers out there that need so much more attention.

I have watch Emily's video for about a year now and have chatted to her once or twice on twitter. When I started watching her see had about 2,000 subs she now has over 100K! She is French Canadian and does a real mix of videos, she does project pans, hauls and reviews.

One of my favourite type of her videos are the lip swatch ones. Virtually every type of lip  product she buys, she does a huge review and an amazing video with the swatches. They are always perfectly timed to music and she always gives very accurate descriptions.

She is one of my favourites Youtubers and I would definitely suggest watching her videos, if you like beauty channels.

Here is one of my favourite videos of hers. Just to reiterate the point I do not own this video.

Which Youtubers do you love?

Helen xx