Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Amazon.Com Wishlist!

Hi Guys,

As you know (and if you don't where have you been?) I recently bought Shany pigment set from Amazon.com and I recently been looking at what else I fancy. Just before I start things to remember about shopping from Amazon US:

  • All US shops show prices before tax is added, unlike the UK where they show prices after. 
  • Not all sellers ship to the UK, but as long as you are logged into your account you will know when looking at the product. 
  • Amazon pay the customs for you.
Lorac Pro Palette

As with everything that I will include in this list.this can be shipped to the UK, proving it is available to us. This is currently on for $42 and remember Amazon will not sell counterfiets and takes very serious actions with those who try it. We all know how amazing this is meant to be so I won't go om about it anymore!

Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhance Kit in Nude

This has a tonne of stuff all for just $10.00. It includes two eyeliners, two mascaras and nine eyeshadows. I have tried some of their products before and even though, their base products lean a bit dark for me their colour products are really good for drugstore.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

I don't tend to wear concealer very much, this is in part because I feel like I don't need it and also because I have not found the right one. This one has been all over Youtube and at less than $5.00, I could buy this ten times over.

So you see ladies? We can get those US items that we have been begging for. What are you after? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you,

Helen xx

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