Monday, 10 August 2015

Cheshire Eats: Don Alberto's Holmes Chapel

Hi Guys,

Today I will be writing a post that is a little painful. As you will know from previous restaurant reviews I love to go out for food. My partner and I love trying different restaurants and when we heard about this we decided to go and give it a try.

First of all the restaurant was previously an Indian Restaurant and it appears that the furniture and other fixtures have been kept.

We sat down and we were given menus, we had to wait a good deal of time for the drinks to be ordered. When we got them, they were wrong. There were also issues when it came to ordering. They asked if we were ready and then disappeared for five minutes before taking our order.

The meal then took over half an hour to arrive. When it did, it was absolutely delicious, this was some of the best food I have ever eaten.

We did not have time to wait forever for a dessert - and there was no menu, the waiters just had to remember it - and asked for the bill. At this point we had a shock - £5.00 for a pint of coke

The food here was amazing, but I would not return due to the lack of service!

Have you been here?

Helen xxx

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