Sunday, 16 August 2015

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara Review!

Hi Guys,

As you know I love mascara, as a result I was able to write recently about the whole drawer I have dedicated to unopened mascaras.This is something that I only bought fairly recently, but I have been using it for a number of days now and I feel like I can properly review it.

First of all lets talk about the wand. It is odd to say the least! First of all is really thick, with lots of really short rubber bristles and it holds quite a lot of product. As a result I thought I was going to hate it these types of wands always overload my short straight lashes with product. This was not the case with this brush however.

It has the knack of just adding enough product to increase the volume, but not so much so it makes the lashes clumpy.

The size of the wand means that if I am not really careful I can get mascara underneath my eyes, as I do my eye makeup first this does not bother me as I can just wipe it away.

The formula is very black and very wet it needs a couple of minutes to dry, but once it set they stay in place. I do not curl my lashes but this keeps the curl all day and the length and volume is fantastic. It does not flake or spoil and is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.

I would certainly advise anyone to try this, it is one of my favourite items in my makeup collection and is a definite repurchase.

Have you tried this?

Helen xxx

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