Friday, 14 August 2015

My Makeup Revolution Palette Collection!

Hi Guys,

As you may or may not know I am obsessed with Makeup Revolution. I find the more and more I used their products the more I fall in love. My favourite products from them are their eyeshadows. I have tried three of their formulas:

  • Ultra Eye Shadows 
  • Super Elite Eye Shadows 
  • Iconic Eye Shadows 
Of these formulas (which are all great) my favourite is the Ultra. These shadows are majoring pigmented, very easy to blend and do shimmers and mattes very well. So here are the palettes.

Eyes Like Angels

This is possibly one of my favourite palettes ever. I am not a neutrals lover and I adore colour. This has blues,green, purples, pinks and even a red. The shadows are so easy to blend and I have options for days with this palette. The shadows blend fantastically.

Beyond Flawless

I bought this my mistake. I wanted to get the Matte palette so that I had a really good set of staples available, however I picked this one up by accident. This is really good for any neutral palette lovers and this is actually better than my MAC Cool Neutrals shadows.

Iconic Pro 2

I have wanted the Lorac Pro 2 since it came out. Now I could have bought the real thing from Amazon, but this was £6.99. The shimmers in this formula (Super Elite) are not as good as the Ultra Shadows but the mattes pack a real punch. Don't bother with Lorac when this is so much cheaper.

Iconic 3

This was one of the first Makeup Revolution Palettes to come out and instantly everybody loved it. From looking at it, you can see that it a full dupe for the Naked 3. I love this palette. This is so easy to work with and at £4.00 it is £32.00 cheaper than the real one!

Which Palettes have you tried? 

Helen xx

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