Saturday, 1 August 2015

Youtuber Spotlight: Beauty With Emily Fox

Hi Guys,

So a couple of weeks ago I did my first Youtuber Spotlight. I think there are so many Youtubers out there that need so much more attention.

I have watch Emily's video for about a year now and have chatted to her once or twice on twitter. When I started watching her see had about 2,000 subs she now has over 100K! She is French Canadian and does a real mix of videos, she does project pans, hauls and reviews.

One of my favourite type of her videos are the lip swatch ones. Virtually every type of lip  product she buys, she does a huge review and an amazing video with the swatches. They are always perfectly timed to music and she always gives very accurate descriptions.

She is one of my favourites Youtubers and I would definitely suggest watching her videos, if you like beauty channels.

Here is one of my favourite videos of hers. Just to reiterate the point I do not own this video.

Which Youtubers do you love?

Helen xx

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