Thursday, 6 August 2015

Youtuber Spotlight: HollieEatsLipstick

Hi Guys,

I am going another of the Youtuber Spotlight Series, I am really enjoying letter people know about the Youtubers that need to be much bigger.

Today I am focusing on Hollie Forrest's channel. I have been following her since she worked at Target and had a couple of thousand subscribers she know has over 70k. This was in part due to a mention from Coffeebreakwithdani.

Her most popular videos are her lipbalm hauls and when she does through her empties every so often there are always tonnes in there. She likes rock music and has red hair and pale skin. She shows her freckles and proudly and unlike a lot of Youtubers is not covered in false tan. Her videos are getting better and better as time goes on and her makeup collection seems to be never ending. I also like the fact that not every tutorial is based on a brown,neutral eye look.

If you like Emily Noel you will like Hollie as she admits to pulling a lot of inspiration from her.

Here is one of her Videos, to highlight I do not own this!

Helen xx

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