Tuesday, 8 March 2016

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Review!

Hi Guys,

So recently I have not been blogging and as a result I have built up loads of new makeup products that I just want to check in with you about.

This week you are going to see lots of product reviews and I am going to start with everyone's favourite the L'Oreal Matte Infallible foundation.

I have been a lover of the non matte version for a long time and was really excited to try this.

  • The packaging is a squeezy tube, which means it is easy to transport and easy to dispense product. 
  • The porcelain shade is perfect me. 
  • The foundation does not transfer.
  • It sets on its own, meaning no powder needed, makeup does not look cakeyy. 
  • A little going to long way as is high in pigment. 
  • No offensive scent
  • Cheap at £7.99
  • Lasts all day and keeps blush and bronzer in place
  • Finish is matte but not too matte
  • Does not oxidize  
  • You need to work quickly as it sets quickly 
 As you can tell I adore this foundation and would definitely reccomend it. It is certainly worth the hype!

What did you think?



  1. I really liked this, I brought it in the wrong shade though I was gutted but I will get it in a different shade as it was really nice x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. That happened to be with the original one! It is so worth buying it again though. x